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Per i tavoli da gioco e i clienti esteri, i costi di spedizione verranno comunicati al momento della presa in carico dell'ordine. Se in fase di pagamento dell'ordine le spese di spedizione sono indicate come "da calcolare", occorre selezionare come modalità di pagamento il PRE-ORDINE

Beautiful plate in burnished brass, to be applied on all our PROFESSIONAL cases.
Purchasable here alone, to be used as a collectible pin.
Measures 5 x 1 cm.

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  5. Custom made items: particular custom-made items (professional bases, teams with basic and complete decals, discs with decals, BASIC teams, OUT OF CATALOG teams, etc.) require manufacturing times as indicated below:
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  • Bibases and Tribases not in stock: about 15 to 30 working days
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