About us - Our history

ASTROBASE was born in 1999 from the will and experience of its founder Enrico Tecchiati, Subbuteo player and collector since 1974.
In less than one year, Astrobase was already “number one” in the sale and distribution of professional material.

In 1999, the existing material in the professional Subbuteo world was perhaps sufficient in terms of quantity, but had not innovated in years, and the quality and attention to details left much to be desired.
The slow decline of Subbuteo and table football, certainly the victim of some questionable commercial choices, led in the early 2000s to a decline in quality and a lack of innovation in materials and technical solutions, especially from a professional point of view, in a world that still counted thousands of fans.
Since then, years and years of innovation and leadership.

ASTROBASE, thanks to you is the reference point for Subbuteo and Table Football on the Web.
Competence, passion and love for this sport capable of giving emotions that modern consoles cannot match, have pushed us day after day to improve our products and to continue looking for the best solutions to allow players to always improve. their level of play.
Entrust the technical part of your sports performances to ASTROBASE.
You will not fail, obtaining significant and constant improvements, as demonstrated by the results achieved so far by almost all the players who used and use our bases and our materials.
ASTROBASE, which has its foundations in the love for Subbuteo, has a unique and exclusive catalog, so that all those who, like us, love this game – sport in all its forms, can find everything that the amateur and professional market proposes.

The richness of our catalog is unique, our SOCCER 3D production line, combined with the SUBBUTEO, ZEUGO, TOTAL SOCCER brands, have allowed us to fill a void in a market niche which, thanks to our constant growth, is increasingly interested and lively.

After all these years, and the experience gained, the very high level of quality materials and service is universally recognized, but nothing is taken for granted, and our attention to improvement and innovation is continuous.
Every day new fans approach or reconnect (recalling the adolescent years) to this world, and nothing more beautiful than a father-son match or between friends to still live a “fingertip” passion that we will try not to make. never turn off …
For all your questions or requests, our STAFF is at your complete disposal. We have recently renewed the site in the hope of being able to better respond to the needs of all users and enthusiasts from the beginner to the “PRO” Players.
Stay in touch with us, we will publish in the NEWS section in HOMEPAGE all the special offers, news and events in which we will participate.

Browse the ASTROBASE catalog and if you are new or have just rediscovered dormant passions or set aside for a long time, the next few minutes will be a pleasant discovery of a world that is still alive and in full evolution!

Enrico TECCHIATI is the contact person for any problem or request.
Played form 1974 to 1999,r eached its best result in the golden era by achieving a 5th place at the GUERIN SPORTIVO Trophy in 1980.
Came back to play in 1999, and since then to 2008 played continuously for the Italian National Team at the Subbuteo/table football World Cup, with 4 team titles (Malta 2003, Bologna 2004, Dortmund 2006, Les Herbiers 2007), and a personal best of the individual quarter-finals.
From the year 2000 to 2008, permanently among the top 8 of the World Ranking Veteran, he was n. 1 in the world on several occasions holding the position for a few months.