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Sales, payment and delivery terms

Dear Customer,

To help place your order on our website we have created the following guidelines.

1. If you are already registered with us, you can enter the site from the USERS AREA or from the main menu (bottom left of the screen) by entering your username, password and clicking Go. If you are not registered you can do so in the USERS AREA. After clicking Go you will be in the USERS CONTROL PANEL where you will be able to modify your data and check the state of orders.
2. Clicking CATALOGUE on the main menu (left) will display the main product categories e.g. Astrobase, Total Soccer, Subbuteo etc. Other columns will display the related subcategories e.g. Bases, Figures, Playing pitches etc.
3. Clicking a subcategory will display further product details including a brief description. To see the product and a more detailed description click the thumbnail images. You will then have the possibility to place an order and specify any preferences in the field colours/notes.
Please note that for certain items there is a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). For example for Bases moq is12 pieces, the price you see is for regular orders or for multiples (12, 24, 36 pieces etc.). If you order quantities different from multiples of 12 there will be a small surcharge. Choose the quantity you require, click OK, and you will be taken to your Cart, where you can modify notes, quantities and delete items. After making modifications to your cart you must click on update your cart, or the changes will be lost. To continue shopping click on back to catalogue and continue as previously indicated for any additional items you require. When you want to finalise the order, from the Cart click on confirm, and you will be taken to the Order page, showing the order details. Here you can modify the delivery address and add delivery notes.
4. Postage and packaging costs for the Italian postal service registered quick post will apply.
5. Do not pay for anything until you receive confirmation of the order from ASTROBASE.
The order confirmation from ASTROBASE will include p&p details and payment instructions.
6. Delivery times depend on the delivery address and the necessary method of delivery that depends on volume and weight (Air Mail, quick international delivery etc.). Orders may be subject to delays during July and August due to the holiday closure of various suppliers.
7. BANK COMMISSIONS ON INTL. TRANSFERS : ASTROBASE has to receive exactly what's requested in the confirmation email. Please don't charge commissions on our side, the amount of the order has to be the same we receive with your transfer. Missing part of the total amount, due to bank commissions, will be requested as balance payment before the shipping of the order
8. CANCELATIONS AND REFUNDS: All orders received via any means (web, email, fax, phone) are subject to these SALES CONDITIONS. Any order may be cancelled after being submitted please do not pay for it and/or send us an email. After payment orders can not be cancelled. Refunds will be subject to a 50% penalty and eventual PayPal charges. Any changes made to orders after payment where the total amount does not change are welcome and will not be subject to additional penalties or charges.
9. ITEMS LOST IN THE POST: ASTROBASE ships all foreign orders using registered and trackable delivery. In 15 years only 3-4 packs have been lost.
ASTROBASE ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBLITY FOR and will not provide refunds for inconveniences caused by UNDELIVERED GOODS DUE TO destinatary unknown, destinatary absent, wrong address etc.
Lost or undelivered items will be evaluated at the time of occurrence.
10. CLAIMS: Claims regarding broken or incorrect items are only accepted within 7 (seven) days upon receipt of goods.
SHOPPING CART CONTENTS: Before finalising orders, please check carefully the contents of your shopping cart. Only products, quantities and written notes in your shopping cart will be considered during shipping.
PLEASE NOTE all prices for sales outside ITALY are VAT NOT included

Accepted payments

Bank Transfer (ask for Bank details) or Paypal (pay at


After having completed the order you can check its state (on hold, shipped, cancelled etc.) from your User Control Panel.

Any claimed items to be shipped: to be addressed to

Enrico Tecchiati - C.P. 4065 - UFFICIO POSTALE DI PIAZZA MONASTERO - 16149 Genova - GE - Italy

created on the: Wednesday, 14 March 2012, 12:56 PM

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